My friend recommended that I look into getting plantation shutters for my living room to help block out the sun in the early morning. I’m not much of a morning person so I don’t really like seeing the sun first thing in the morning. I also don’t really like people looking into my house. So when my friend recommended that I look into shutters I thought that could be an excellent idea.

I’ve been so happy with my shutters. Not only do they block out the sun and keep neighbors from looking in they look so nice and make my living room just pop. I was able to choose the color of the shutters and chose the color of the hinges. I was able to make them fit perfectly into my living room with the style that suits me.

I had some friends over the other day and the first thing that they said was where did you get those awesome looking indoor shutters. I told them where they could get a set of their own. I’m pretty sure right after they left my house they went out and got some themselves. I never would have thought that shutters could help my living room stand out, but they truely do.

When I move to my next house I’m going to make sure that I purchase another set because I want to make sure that I get ones that match my new living room. The nice thing is there is so many options for colors that no matter how my new living room looks I will always be able to find colors that match. I’m actually thinking of buying some for my grandmother’s house next because she could really use a new more updated window covering option. What she has doesn’t work very well, but these plantation shutters will do the trick.