Modern bathrooms are significantly known for their elegant, luxurious, and artistic designs. If you are considering making a remodel of your bathroom, you are on the right track. Getting ideas by yourself on remodeling designs for a bathroom might be quite challenging, especially if you are a novice.

However, this article will focus on several essential improvements you can make to your bathroom, giving it a modernist and artistic view.

Six essential tips for bathroom remodelling

Like any other product or design created, there are always areas requiring upgrades or a touch of newness. Remodels are mainly about new design or arrangement patterns that you can incorporate into an already made set-up. Here are some bathroom Remodelling tips:

Change the Plumbing

The plumbing of a bathroom is one of the things that this location in a house requires. If you own a smaller-sized drainage pipe, purchasing new and larger ones is a smart remodeling move for improvements.

Results from review sites like reveal that larger pipes have lower chances of getting clogged by hair. Unlike what it may seem like, changing from a smaller to a larger-sized pipe cost is average and not as expensive as you would think.

Hidden Tank Toilets

Here’s the deal with hidden tank toilets; they completely change the look and feel of your bathroom and give you a sense of larger space. If you are one with a small bathroom and require a larger space, you might want to think of hidden tank toilets.

The downside to this improvement feature is uneasy access to the toilet’s tank when fixing is necessary. The tanks are placed inside the wall making reaching for repairs harder.

Try Textured or Smaller-Sized Tiles

When it comes to bathroom tiling, tiles with proper grip are essential to avoid slips and falls. If your bathroom has large square or rectangular tiles on its floor, consider changing them to smaller-sized ones.

Some tiles are more rough-looking than others. Due to the use and nature of the bathroom, your choice of tiles for your remodel should be ones having more texture or roughness on its surface. This can be costly for some and not for others. Regardless, you can take online loans for your bathroom remodeling.

Proper Ventilation

If you have just a window in your bathroom, it’s fine if the bathroom is smaller. But, for bathrooms with larger spaces having the toilets and shower area spaces far apart, you need to ensure a window is close to the shower.

Get a Bathtub

Now, this piece of design for your bathroom isn’t required if you own a small bathroom space. If you shower more than getting soaked in a tub, you can forget this remodeling piece. However, if you have a large space area, you can get a bathtub for aesthetics and a modernized look.


If you are indecisive about natural or artificial lighting, you must make sure your remodeling design has proper lighting in its plan. Get bright and well-colored bulbs that will give your bathroom a shining look during low-light periods of the day.

Bathroom improvements can happen in so many ways, from the furniture type to plumbing to lightning. If you plan to remodel your bathroom, you can use any of the tips mentioned above (if it meets your budget). Note that remodeling your bathroom doesn’t stop; it remains never-ending.