The best part of owning a home is having to decorate and make it inviting and livable.

The hard part of building and structuring your home is done and now we are left with the easier and more fun to do part.

You may choose to hire an interior design expert or you may as well take on the task by yourself.

Making home cozy will involve a lot of interior design skills. You have to know how to coordinate color patterns, textures, and furniture.

The fun part about interior designing your own home is that you get to personalize it however much you want.

In this article, I’m going to share some of my ideas on how you can make your home warm and cozy.

1.  Lighting

Lighting and lighting fixtures with a very intricate part of interior design.

It draws certain attention to your home enlightens up the little details that would otherwise not be noticed.

There are three types of lighting that you may choose to add to your home.

First, there is ambient lighting. This is the type of lighting that is used to eliminate spaces. For example, ceiling mounted lighting.

Floor lamps also fall under this category. This type of lighting speaks volumes about how your interior space is going to look.

Secondly, task lighting. From the word itself this type of lighting is used to illuminate light to a particular area. For example, a table lamp.

Lastly, accent lighting. Search type of lighting is used to focus on particular pieces of artwork. For example, if you have a home fish aquarium, you may install one of these.

2.  Furniture

The type of furniture in a home plays a significant role in interior design. Have you ever walked into a home and all you want to do is take a nap from that comfy couch? Well, I have.

When it comes to picking out furniture, the size, shape, material, and patterns matter a lot.

You want the material for your coffee table to coordinate with the material on the TV cabinet.

The patterns you choose for your sofa should rhyme with the overall theme of your interior design.

There should be coordination with the furniture in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office.

The furniture you choose should also come in good quality that can guarantee long-lasting use.

There has been uncertainty of where you can purchase good quality furniture coming in with the recent scams online stores.

If you can no longer trust your furniture dealer, there are more online home-office furniture companies.

However, it is prudent that you first visit US-reviews and read some of the reviews of these companies before deciding to buy from them.

3.  Plants

Another way to make your home more inviting is to use plants for design.

Plants bring in a sense of nature, good vibes, they’re healthy, and most importantly bring a sense of life in your home.

Is an endless list of the best plants to have in your home. To rush through a few; prayer plant, fiddle leaf fig, bird-of-paradise, begonia, aloe vera, and many more.

If plant maintenance is not your cup of tea then you may consider getting a couple of fake plants. They also go well in interior design if you choose the right plant.

4.  Bedding.

Statistics show that an average person spends about 20 years sleeping in their entire life.

Part of having a warm and cozy home is ensuring where you spend your night that’s comfortable as you’d want.

Ensure your bedding has the perfect bed linens. Live in a cold environment ensure that the blankets or the duvets that you use are warm enough to keep you through the night.

You want a bedroom that is inviting and one that has the guest wanting to stay for more days.

5.  Floors and carpeting

An inviting home starts with a relaxing step on the door.

No one wants to walk barefoot in a cold room during winter. This is why when deciding to install new flooring, you must ensure that the material is warm, or it can be warmed.

Carpeting is the warmest of all floor materials. When deciding what to go for, choose a pattern that speaks to you. You may throw in a few throw rugs that match with your house carpeting.

6.  Wall decor

Another way to make your home warm and cozy is by installing beautiful wall decor.

Images to decorate your home with old pictures of yourself, your children, or people that mean a lot to you.

You may add in a few beautiful and decorative house mirrors to reflect the gorgeous color scheme and decor on the wall.